Oasis International Travel: Website Redesign

Context and Objectives

Old Oasis International Travel website homepage

Old Oasis International Travel website homepage

Oasis international travel, a company that processes Chinese visas, needed a website redesign. I was tasked with completely redesigning the site, working remotely with a developer and the client.

The old site was visually and informationally disorganized. The call to action to apply for a visa was unclear, and not as many people knew about one of their secondary services: document authentication, as it was hidden in the navigation. 80% of people came to the site to inquire about visa services, but they wanted to grow their document authentication service.

The main constraint on this project was time: I had a very limited timeline of 2 weeks for the initial visual design for the entire site, except the forms.

My goals were to design the site in a way such that:

  • the call to action to apply for a visa and resulting user flow was clear
  • the benefits of choosing Oasis International Travel for their services were clear
  • the document authentication service was clearly presented as a secondary service

Process and resulting design

My first step was learning about the entire visa application process and mapping the ideal user flow:
Home > Choose visa type > Visa type required documents > Application form > Payment form

After that, I considered how I would go about redesigning the pages in order to reach the above goals:

  • Clarify - Eliminate confusion; Make Oasis' services clear and obvious to anyone visiting the site.
  • Simplify - Declutter content and call to actions to only what was essential.
  • Build trust - As a company that deals with the government and sensitive information and documents, it was important that the color scheme and visual design promote trust between Oasis and potential customers.